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Maverick was born November 2017. He is our Southern Gentleman as he came from Oklahoma and is truly a gentleman. I affectionately call him White Walker because of his ice blue eyes. He also has the philosophy of "I fits, I sits"

OFA Hip Tested - Good


Suede was born May 2018. She is a pup from Finley and Tex. When we decided to retire Tex we wanted to keep his bloodlines. She has the best of both of her parents. 

OFA Hip Tested - Excellent

Tex - Retired 

Tex was born February 2010. He was our first Aussie and is now enjoying the retired life. Tex goes by many nicknames and very rarely is it Tex, but he is the epitome of loyal.

Dog on the field

Finley - RETIRED

Finley was born August 2014. She is my shadow when I am outside working. She is my sweetheart. Lovingly called Fineykins :) I'm sure if she could roll her eyes like a teenager she would.

OFA Hip Tested - Excellent

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